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Tired of juggling vendor issues? How does your “Network Health Score” compare? How long would it take your “Business to Recover”? User’s need quality support? Does your IT partner activitly strive to reduce your costs? Fixed IT costs – No nasty surprises! The BYOD Phenomenom – Are you ready? Virtualisation – Can it benefit my business? The “Cloud” – Is it right for my business? Need “Remote Access” from ANYWHERE?
  • How does your
  • Tired of juggling vendor issues?
  • How long would it take your
  • Does your IT partner activitly strive to reduce your costs?
  • Virtualisation - Can it benefit my business?
  • The
  • Need

Latest News

The Benefits of Hiring Legal IT Services

In this era of technology, almost all information exchanged through or stored in a computer is sensitive. When it comes to legal firms, the security threats to sensitive data increase by leaps and bounds. Legal firms handle information that is often targeted by cyber criminals and it could be challenging to find suitable IT support. …

What You Ought to Know about Disaster Recovery

Everyone who owns a computer will experience tribulations and trials of hard drive failure at some point of time. The reasons behind this may vary and can include almost everything from a human error, viruses to damages resulting from flood. For many years, the necessity to recover lost data has made disaster recovery in Sydney …

Get Ultimate Solutions with Ultimate IT

Ultimate IT is a team of experts who have come together to provide extraordinary IT services to a business. Our security systems are safeguarding some of the Top 500 companies. Ultimate IT provides free vendor management service and a 60 day Satisfaction Guarantee as well. Ultimate IT is a leading firm that provides the small, …

The Network Support in Sydney You Need

When it comes to our business clients, no matter whether they are small or medium; they are all looking for support they can depend on. We at Ultimate IT Services understand that and that is the reason why our business model is structured in a way so that we can offer our clients what they …

Quality IT solutions in Sydney

With us at Ultimate IT Services, you get the best IT support in Sydney. We are great at what we do and our personnel are not only highly trained and knowledgeable, they are also fully accredited and licensed to work in this important industry. IT is the backbone on which your business is leaning on …

The Vast Domain of IT Services

The Information Technology Industry or IT sector of any country ascertains its economic growth. This industry revolves around the utility of computers and telecommunications devices to save, revive, transport and scrutinize data. Certain other industries that have strong affiliation with the IT sector incorporate electronic industries, manufacturers of computer hardware and software devices, internet services, …

Take a Sigh of Relief with Disaster Recovery in Sydney

If there is one commercial sector that has progressed leaps and bounds during the last few decades, it is undoubtedly the industry of Information Technology. Be it a residential premises or an office domain, today one cannot fathom functioning without a computer. A failure of a hard drive can be the worst piece of news …

Disaster Recovery Service in Sydney – Storing and Retrieving Information Safely

Be it a small, big or medium-sized business, saving data is more important. Every company tends to save the customer details safely, to retrieve and follow-up during crunch situations. Not only the companies store client data but also copies of several other business documents and agreements for future use. But, even minor issues in the …

Superior IT Services in Sydney – Hiring Tips for Small and Medium Businesses

IT support services are must for any company and hiring the right one can save it from several other financial disasters. Starting from system problems to data storage, everything needs to be sorted out on-time for experiencing a hassle-free growth and sales. One of the problems that small and medium businesses encounter is the inability …

Internet Explorer at risk for all OS’s, Windows XP won’t be fixed.

A new vulnerability has been discovered in Microsoft Internet Explorer. This vulnerability is rated as critical and allows any systems using this browser to be compromised. Because Windows XP support ended on 8th April 2013 it is expected Microsoft will not provide a fix for this problem.  Microsoft have yet to provide a fix for …

Dedicated IT Support Services in Sydney

At Ultimate IT we provide a wide range of IT support services to our customers in Sydney and the surrounding areas. We believe in providing personalised services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our customers know that they are getting the best services from Ultimate IT, at highly competitive prices. You can rest assured that you will be supported by the very best resources and technicians available, all accredited and backed by various industry leaders.

We know the importance of integrating business applications and services in an efficient manner that will lead to an increase in the effectiveness of your business processes. The IT support services we provide in Sydney will not only increase the performance of your systems, they will also reduce operating, and various other overhead costs.

We provide IT Support in Sydney for every area of your business, and we understand that the needs of your company will vary depending on your size, the type of business you run, and a myriad of other factors. If you are looking for support services for your business, why not ask about our Fixed Price Support Agreements with FREE vendor management?

More and more business are realising the importance of Cloud technology, and the role it can play in streamlining business processes, and saving time and money. Take the time to contact our team and find out more about the Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud models that are available.

Your businesses systems and processes are a crucial part of the success of your company. That is why it pays to have an IT company readily available to provide you with all the support you need. Some of the popular services we offer include network monitoring and preventative maintenance, fixed cost server and desktop support, and also local and backup cloud services. Our team of highly qualified technicians will be able to provide you with all the support you need to keep your systems secure and running smoothly.

We offer hosted IT services to our customers in Sydney. Equipment services are expensive, but at Ultimate IT we are able to help you eliminate capital expenditure associated with running Hosted Email, Hosted Desktop, Hosted Applications, Office 365, Cloud Backup, or Cloud Storage. If you are interested in learning more, contact our team of technicians today and we will be able to answer any queries that you may have.

When your company experiences a network crash, vital information can be lost, and the efficiency of the workplace drops significantly. Luckily Ultimate IT is here to help. Contact us, or browse through our website to find out more about the competitive network backup strategies that we offer our clients.
We provide a wide range of IT Support Services to our customers in Sydney, and we know that any company will be able to benefit from the products we offer. Our friendly staff are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have regarding our services, so feel free to contact us on 1300 858 468.

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