Benefits of Cloud Computing

WHAT IS ‘The Cloud?”

Cloud computing is simply computing based on the net. Switching from the traditional pattern wherein companies run their applications or programs from downloading software onto systems or servers, a cloud computing model helps them to access similar applications through the Internet. Most businesses are moving towards cloud computing nowadays and it is revolutionizing the IT sector.

Lower Capital Expenditure

With cloud computing, large capital expenditure is saved on hardware and upgrades. Costs are directly related or aligned to the business usage or monthly fees which can lower your expenses as you only pay for the capacity that you require. The cloud providers handle the server administration, regular software updates and maintenance.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a critical requirement of every business. Every business, no matter their size, needs a dependable disaster recovery solution. Companies typically rely on their IT infrastructure to handle their data and communication to their websites. If something goes wrong with the system in place, an organization may face dire consequences. Your on-premise recovery may come to your aid but it can take a long time to restore the service. With cloud computing, anything physically affecting the systems wouldn’t disrupt your applications.


With growing and fluctuating business demands, cloud computing services are ideal for business scalability. If your requirements increase you can easily expand your cloud capacity. In the same way, if you are downsizing, the cloud service is again flexible for you.


Another important feature of cloud computing is that it provides protection; as your data is stored on the cloud, even if your system is corrupted or lost, you will still have access to your data. Cloud providers make huge investments in their security solutions because it is crucial to keep the clients’ data safe.

Business mobility

Your business can be more flexible as, with cloud computing, all you need is an internet connection to work. You don’t need to restrict yourself to workstations; you can work from home or anywhere else so your business productivity is high.

Cloud Computing is beneficial for your business in many ways. Cloud computing experts, with their knowledge and experience, help organizations with effective cloud implementation and give you value for your money.