Bring your own device (BYOD), is a new concept that is becoming an increasing business trend. As work these days has become more technology based, people are not confined in their own cubicles anymore. They can now choose different options of set up on how to work. It has become possible to work on the go and remain mobile while working for a company. This phenomenon introduced the option for employees to bring their own devices.

How can BYOD be helpful?

  • Familiarity with technology – Being familiar with one’s own devices is one of the reasons why employees select to bring their own devices at work. It can be challenging for an employee to get used to another device and operating system, especially if they are not used to it.
  • Flexibility – Work that was conventionally restricted to be done in the office can now be done from wherever the employee prefers. Even if the employee is not able to physically report to the office, they still have the flexibility of working from home, on their own device, without any hindrance.
  • Enhancing Productivity – Due to the flexibility and convenience of using one’s own devices, employees’ efficiency will improve as it saves time. As a result, the business’ overall productivity will increase as well.
  • Fewer burdens on IT Management – One of the benefits of BYOD is that employees are responsible for maintaining and updating their own devices, this means less allocation of the company’s resources – it will reduce costs.
  • Expands employee engagement – It is more likely that the employees will work even outside work premise if they have access on their own device, it will also possible for them to respond as they have sources to communicate outside the company too.
  • Increased employee satisfaction – Employees are happy and satisfied to use their own devices and work from wherever place they prefer instead of being stuck in the office. This can be a huge factor in staff motivation, which results to better productivity.

Because the employee can work from anywhere, there are less chances of delay in work projects and this increases the overall business productivity; which in turn can be rewarding for both the business and the employees.