In the last article we discussed BYOD and its many benefits to the business. BYOD can be useful in the expansion of your business, but that doesn’t mean one can be careless with their business data. It is very important to take care of some issues when you are considering whether or not to take advantage of BYOD. Along with the many advantages, it can also pose certain risks the one shouldn’t be oblivious to.

A few issues that you might face because of BYOD –

  • Security issues  – Security is any organisation’s biggest concern. To secure the data is an indispensable task for a company and companies spend a huge amount of money on their security systems due to the fact that they simply cannot afford to lose or divulge that data at any cost. You cannot entrust your client’s valuable data with devices that aren’t safeguarded by your company’s security system. There are chances of data protection risks as you cannot ask the employees to link their device to the company’s systems because that might violate their privacy for personal web browsing.
  • Hardware and software issues  – It usually becomes the responsibility of the employee to update their software and protect their devices from viruses. If that is the case, then you have to rely on the employees for security purposes. If your company agrees to take that responsibility for your employees, then you will have to make sure that your in-house IT staff is ready to do any relevant extra work.

BYOD practice also allows employees to have total control of the hardware that they use. They can use the device as they like as it is their own property. Because of this, company’s do not have a say or control in directing the employees to use the device in an acceptable way.

  • Back up issues  – When the company’s data is being used on different devices, it becomes important to ensure that there is a proper procedure for the routine backup of the data.
  • Misplaced or lost devices issue – When it comes to employees personal devices, it is their responsibility to take care of it. If they lose or misplace their device, you also lose important data and your data is exposed; that is one of the biggest risks associated with BYOD.

BYOD has its own benefits along with a few risks. Therefore, before companies opt for BYOD, they should take into consideration the risk factors and implement this strategy according to their business requirements.