Ultimate IT is a team of experts who have come together to provide extraordinary IT services to a business. Our security systems are safeguarding some of the Top 500 companies. Ultimate IT provides free vendor management service and a 60 day Satisfaction Guarantee as well.

Ultimate IT is a leading firm that provides the small, medium and large scale business with premium IT solutions and services all over Australia. We have worked for various sectors like Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Legal, Government, Resource Mining etc and these include even some of the Top 500 companies in the world.

A leading technician at Ultimate IT, while emphasising on the nature of their work, said that, “Any business spends handsomely into IT services and doing so without focusing on the outcome can lead to unthoughtful expenditure. Ultimate IT studies the client business in depth to understand their actual IT needs and thus help in increasing the business return. Our solutions improve the efficiency of an environment as well as reduce the overall cost. We can even offer customized solutions as per the need. Hence, we are proud to say that we are the Ultimate stop for IT services.”

Ultimate IT provides an array of IT services in Sydney. These include various cloud and hosted services, managed services, technology and project services etc. They provide supreme cloud services in Sydney. Cloud service is being vouched by more and more business runners these days as it definitely has some plus over the traditional system. Ultimate IT is a pro in providing all kinds of cloud services like Public Cloud, Private Cloud as well as Hybrid Cloud. Each type of cloud has its own characteristics and it is very important for a firm to know what kind of cloud will be apt for their needs.

We have taken cloud computing to an altogether different level. We have brought on board some of the leading names in cloud computing to offer excellent services to our clients. We provide Amazon web services in Sydney which helps an entrepreneur to lower the overall IT cost of the business. Some of our popular services include spam prevention, web hosting, hosted software application and email hosting in Sydney.

Ultimate IT also provides disaster recovery in Sydney. Data is a very precious asset for a business especially if it is into customer care and sales domain. Technology has made data storage easier however; there are many ways in which the data can be wiped off from a digital media. Device failure, virus attack or accidental deletions are some of the common ways in which the data is lost. Ultimate IT provides advanced data recovery from gadgets like computers, USB sticks, RAID systems etc. We can pin point the root cause within 24 hours and might even recover the entire data in the first 24 hours.

We provide a 60 day satisfaction guarantee to our clients. Thus, for any kind of IT support in Sydney, simply call up Ultimate IT.

Ultimate IT is a firm located in Rydalmere in New South Wales and has been ruling the world of IT solution since many years now. We provide state of art services to our clients. The faith in our quality is reflected from our 60 days satisfaction policy.