Are you concerned about your Company Data?

Would you survive a “Ransomware” attack?

Protecting your data is key. The Ultimate reason for data protection is to minimise financial loss. Data is widely recognised as one of the most important assets of any company. Losing valuable information can be linked directly to lost sales, additional cost in recreating the data (if possible) and in some cases, penalties and fines. This can impact client confidence and result in clients taking their business elsewhere.

With information theft, malicious code and Ransomware threats such as “Cryptolocker” on the rise and now also effecting many smaller companies, it is not uncommon to have complete servers encrypted preventing access to company information simply by unsuspecting users opening an infected email attachment.

In the event of a Ransomware attack, there are typically 4 options: –

  1. Pay the Ransom
  2. Spend considerable time (and money) trying and “break” the code and regain access to vital information
  3. Lose the information
  4. Restore from backups

When security systems fail backups are your ONLY safety net. The most efficient and economical solution should be to restore from backup but how confident is your organisation in performing a COMPLETE system restore from backup?  And how long would it take? Are your backups vulnerable to Ransomware infection? Does your company perform regular backup integrity checks and test restores?

Protecting your data is key. Protecting data in a simple, secure and cost effective way is our approach. Ultimate IT has been delivering Data Backup and Disaster Recovery strategies to our customers for more than 20 years. Over this time, we have developed and tuned our process, procedures and services to combat malicious attacks such as Ransomware, ensuring infected systems are operational again as quickly as possible.

Protecting your data is key. As part of our “fast-start” process, Ultimate IT has developed 3 core solutions created to assist our broad range of clients. We then fine tune these solutions into strategies that best serve our clients’ often individual requirements. After all, Protecting your data is key.

ULTIMATE Cloud Backup Services Cloud Backup, Storage & Archive ServicesFor companies that need their Server, Workstation, NAS and “Road Warriors” data protected and stored off-site. Information can be self-managed or efficiently optimised and managed by our experienced Data Specialists. Includes software license, Cloud backup management and data storage options.
ULTIMATE Backup – On-Premise Backup and High-Availability options For companies that value their data and want to minimise information loss. Strategies can be designed to enable fast file to complete server restores ensuring minimal to zero system downtime. Includes software license, backup management and verification testing, fast data restoration and High Availability (HA) options.
ULTIMATE Off-site Storage and Disaster Recovery (DR). 
For companies who cannot afford to lose system information. In the event of building fire, equipment theft or malicious attack, it is critical that data is available offsite. This service ensures data is continuously and securely replicated offsite and can be retrieved quickly. We can even ensure critical servers are made available in “The Cloud”, allowing remote access, in the event of complete disaster. 

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