It is never impossible for a hacker to break into a computer system, only improbable! Understanding this, Ultimate IT Services provides regular network security assessment to keep organizations safe from cyber-attacks.

In the wake of recent events, network security and reliability have become top issues for enterprises and service providers. In 2013, the cost of cyber-attacks is estimated to have been in the range of AU$3.67 million. Over 90% of network attacks resulting in significant financial loss originate from inside the network’s perimeter. Unfortunately, there appears to be no end of these threats, in fact, there is an increasing trend of attacking financial resources in addition to computing resources. Even though there is no end, one can avoid it effortlessly with Ultimate IT.

Ultimate IT Services, a trustworthy IT service provider offers regular network security in Sydney that can perform complete system restores in minutes, not hours or days. “Auditing is one of the most important aspects of maintaining the system, because it provides the opportunity to test assumptions about the security posture of networked systems and compare the posture with standard and regulations,” reported the manager from Ultimate IT.

The company follows the five fundamental principle of auditing i.e. Assessment, Prevention, Detection, Reaction and Recovery to protect a company from heavy loss. Their auditing service can be adapted to meet specific customer requirements. It may therefore take the form of an asset inventory or consist of a full technical audit where detailed information about the network and its performance will be collected.

Apart from network security audit, the company also expertizes in cloud and hosting services, consultancy & professional services, monitoring and preventative maintenance, strategic business services and much more. While talking about their service range, the manager also added, “Our experience with larger companies has enabled us to develop robust enterprise level solutions and scale these so they are suitable for any size organisation and virtually any budget. We deliver tailored end-to-end business solutions that actually work that we maintain and fully support.”
Moreover, the company offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. Overall, Ultimate IT Services is the ideal resource for IT support and security services.

About Ultimate IT Services
Ultimate IT Services is an ultimate provider of IT Support Services, Managed IT Services, IT Networks and Security Services. With years of experiences, their team has gained experience in providing a multitude of solutions to small, medium and large companies across Australia.