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Ultimate IT Services offer a diverse portfolio of Business Bandwidth, Internet and Office Connectivity services to suit a variety of business needs. We are independent bandwidth consultants offering impartial unbiased advice on all aspects of business communications. We specialise in reducing operational spend whilst improving service levels and delivering business grade solutions to single offices and multi-site deployments.

By working closely to understand the business requirement, our experienced team design tailored solutions for any size organisation. We’re confident in identify the optimum solution and ensure you will receive better value for your money. We offer free quotes. Why not put us to the test? You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We can keep you connected!

Every network is only as strong and reliable as its weakest link. We keep our clients happy by providing the best connectivity solution available for them. We identify the unique challenges for each of our clients and carefully consider availability, cost effectiveness and overall ROI.  We work with our clients to research the most appropriate voice and data circuits available in their surrounding area.  We give careful consideration to the integration of those circuits. We think beyond the present to anticipate the expected and the unexpected capacity requirements for the future of their business. We work with only approved local and national vendors to provide our client with the best choices and recommendations in the industry.

Our Solutions

1.    Internet Links
2.    Wireless BroadBand
3.    InterOffice Connectivity
4.    Wireless Backup Failover
5.    WAN Optimisation and Caching

1.    Internet Links

Simple, Cost-effective, Nationwide Broadband Connectivity
Today, Internet connectivity is a crucial component of virtually any business. But for some businesses, it is critical to their success. It also means making important data available to your employees quickly, whether they work at home, at small branch offices, in retail stores, or just need to work from home once they leave the office. We deliver cost-effective, high-speed, “always-on” connectivity that is deployed, managed and supported. Our Internet access will allow you to communicate more effectively with your customers, partners, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.

Whether you’re an enterprise with high-bandwidth requirements for connecting lots of branches, store fronts, mobile workers or even the corporate headquarters; or you’re an operator of a home or single-site business, we can provide the right services for you.
That’s because we deliver a wide selection of solutions that offer performance, reliability and interoperability that extent to high-speed, business class broadband services including:

1.    T1 Services
2.    DSL
3.    ADSL / ADSL-2
4.    Ethernet
5.    Satellite

Broadband Frequently Asked Questions

What types of access are available at my location?
Access is dependent on local carriers, so to find out what is available in your area

What is the difference between DSL and T1 service at the same speed?
DSL typically offers similar bandwidth to T1 for a lower price, but it is not available everywhere. Another difference is service: T1s are generally more robust and include more stringent service level agreements (SLAs).

What is the difference between ADSL and SDSL?
ASDL, or asynchronous DSL, provides different bandwidths in each direction; SDSL, or synchronous DSL, provides the same bandwidth in both directions. SDSL also has greater reach range, and is available in more locations than ADSL. Finally, SDSL is more robust, includes more stringent SLAs, and includes a dedicated phone line.

What is included with my Ultimate Broadband?
Ultimate broadband includes a portfolio of services including e-mail, Web space, and DNS hosting.

1.    T1 Services
Connectivity Simplified
Who couldn’t use more bandwidth? Connectivity is a baseline need in every business. High-speed broadband T1 access services are available in a range of speeds and packages to best meet your organization’s need for speed, throughput, and reliability.
Your growing business relies on the always-on connection to your network. It’s the heart of what keeps your business alive. Think about what will move your business ahead now, and for virtually every organization, connectivity is critical to success. Add the complexity of serving multiple users, increasingly mobile workers, and branch offices in remote locations, and the value of relying on one provider for broadband services becomes clear.

2.    DSL
DSL is the high speed, low-cost broadband service that delivers the features you need at a price you can afford. When there’s a need to increase the capacity of conventional telephone lines, DSL is the way to go for network access speeds that are up to 100 times faster than dial-up.

DSL solutions can meet your need for always-on speed whether the requirement is for asynchronous DSL (ADSL), symmetric DSL (SDSL), or ISDN DSL (IDSL).

All services include:
•    Professional installation
•    An online customer portal to simplify billing and account management
•    Business class modem and router
•    Email, web site, and domain name hosting
•    24 x 7 monitoring

Our DSL services are supported by customised service level agreements (SLA) that guarantee reliability,

3.    ADSL / ADSL-2

Cable Broadband Access Cable Broadband Access service provides businesses with an always-on, high-speed data connection to the Internet. Cable broadband access is typically Asymmetric, where the download speed is faster than the upload speed.

Service includes all of the following, all for one competitive monthly fee:
•    Professional installation
•    An online customer portal to simplify billing and account management
•    Business class routing equipment
•    Email, web site, and domain name hosting

With our Cable Broadband you get a completely managed provisioning and installation process, a wide range of speeds to support your needs, all supported by industry-leading SLA’s.

4.    Business Ethernet Broadband Access
Our Business Ethernet delivers reliable speeds up to 20 Mbps at a fraction of the cost of DS3 access. This service is a great value for businesses that have intensive bandwidth needs and require a simple, managed high-bandwidth solution. Business Ethernet service is available in 3 Mbps, 5 Mbps, 10 Mbps, 15 Mbps or 20 Mbps speeds.

Business Ethernet service includes all of the following, all for one competitive monthly fee:
•    Professional installation
•    An online customer portal to simplify billing and account management
•    Business-class Ethernet access equipment
•    Email, web site, and domain name hosting
Our Business Ethernet services are supported by customised service level agreements (SLA) that guarantee reliability,

5.    Satellite Broadband Access
Even with access to expansive broadband coverage, there are always some locations where DSL and Cable access are not currently available. Our Satellite Access solves this problem by providing ubiquitous network connectivity for retailers, restaurants or other businesses with remote locations or employees throughout the country.

Our Satellite Access service is a turnkey solution that provides always-on Internet connectivity, hardware (router and satellite dish), installation, ongoing support, on-site same day maintenance, and billing.

Our Satellite Access delivers broadband connectivity that meets the needs of highly distributed enterprises. In fact, with bandwidth speeds of up to 1.0 Mbps at a comparable price to DSL and cable broadband services, Satellite Access is a great complimentary access technology to fill in coverage gaps from traditional terrestrial access services.


2.    Wireless Broadband

Wireless Broadband is an emerging technology for remote sites to access the Internet and VPNs. It allows customer locations that would otherwise require costly T1s or satellite connectivity to be serviced with a more cost-effective high-speed solution.

Available to businesses with an existing MPLS VPN, Wireless Broadband service delivers 100% high-speed broadband connectivity to remote locations that are unable to receive terrestrial or satellite broadband connectivity. It can be installed in a few days to use as a quick start solution while you’re waiting for your primary broadband connection to be installed or can be used as a fully-redundant backup access service for your existing T1, DSL, or cable service.

Wireless Broadband:
•    Delivers 100% coverage for remote locations
•    Provides temporary access while you wait for broadband to be installed
•    Offers a fully-redundant backup solution for T1s

Fully Managed & Secure
Ultimate deploys all the necessary equipment and sets up the service, then manages and monitors the network to ensure it’s working for you. Wireless Broadband access uses IPSec encryption and is available with Ultimate Managed Security services to ensure PCI compliance.


3.     Inter-Office Connectivity

Many successful organisations rely on effective communications to operate effectively and ensuring reliable internal communication is vital. Centralised access to systems and applications provides economies that make sense for many businesses however, fast, secure and reliable access to information must be available on demand.

Determining the right Inter-Office Connectivity solution is an important process for every organisation and not something that should be patched together; the majority of organisations do not have the internal expertise or time to research and deploy the most effective solution for their business. The size of an organisation does not make their information any less important.

Ultimate’s expertise in providing scalable solutions tailored for each individual business is a core strength of our business. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and deploy solutions that suit their often unique business requirements and budget. We also offer a range of reporting services that continuously monitor these crucial links and proactively address any issues.

4.    Wirelesss Backup Failover

Ultimate’s Wireless Backup Failover protects a business in the unlikely event its broadband service is interrupted. This solution keeps Internet-based business functions up and running in the event of broadband failure from extreme weather, cable outages, technology issues etc.

Using Wireless Backup Failover, systems and services can be automatically configured to failover to a 3G wireless connection which allows businesses to continue working. Once the primary service is restored, broadband services are automatically switched back over with no intervention required by the client.

Any service outage has the potential to cripple a small business and their ability to service its customers. Properly deployed business continuity solutions like Wireless Backup Failover can avoid significant operational and financial losses often associated with disruption of broadband services.


5.    WAN Acceleration, Optimisation & Caching

WAN acceleration can provide clear return on investment (ROI) and benefits that employees and company leaders will notice immediately..

What is WAN acceleration?
WAN acceleration is often referred to as WAN optimization, application acceleration, bandwidth acceleration and wide area application services (WAAS), however it is effectively WAN caching as this is essentially how it works.

WAN acceleration can dramatically improve the speed of file transfers and the performance of many applications for your branch offices and remote workers; as the trend for remote workers grows this can prove an extremely worthwhile proposition.

How does it work?
WAN acceleration involves placing an appliance between your WAN router and your central server location (typically you main office or data centre) and another appliance at each of the branch offices. The remote appliances then cache the large files that are repeatedly sent over the WAN and only replicate any small changes to the files. Some appliances also perform compression and optimise networking protocols to further improve efficiency.

The result is that most files and applications will perform about five to ten times faster, with some applications reported up to 100 times faster. It makes employees and their employers more productive and everybody wins. Another benefit is that WAN acceleration can significantly decrease bandwidth usage by 60-90%. This provides a major ROI as it can reduce the amount of bandwidth and cost of services at some branch offices.

What’s the catch?
WAN acceleration can be implemented without disrupting your current network and you’ll immediately start seeing the benefits once it caches the first file transfer. However, WAN acceleration will NOT speed up connection-sensitive applications such as video conferencing, Voice over IP, or real-time collaboration.

WAN acceleration can also be useful with road warriors and telecommuters who aren’t permanently located in branch offices. WAN acceleration technology also extends to software solutions that can be installed on laptops and remote PCs to provide most of the same benefits.

In summary, WAN acceleration can have a big impact on file transfers, Microsoft Exchange, corporate databases, and many business-specific applications that rely on static files. Contact us to find out more.

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