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Fixed-Cost Server-IT Services Sydney - Ultimate IT

Ultimate IT provides professional Server and Desktop Management.  Our clients can outsource specific components or their entire IT support requirement for one low monthly fixed cost.

This model proves considerably more effective (and much cheaper) than employing, managing and maintaining internal resources as clients gain access to an experienced team of trained professionals at a fraction of the cost of one internal resource.

The many benefits of effectively managed services are irrefutable and clients are able to budget for previously unpredictable support costs, have more reliable systems, access reliable support and reduce overall costs in the process.

By converting from a traditional reactive break-fix arrangement to proactive outsourced Server and Desktop Management, our team become responsible and accountable for supporting client IT environments.

We do this on a full time basis and put measures in place to ensure systems are operating efficiently by taking preventative measures, automating systems, reducing down-time and taking the necessary steps to not only fix isolated problems that arise BUT also investing additional time and resources to determine the cause of the problem and minimising the risk of it reoccurring.

We appreciate that some organisations try to complete IT tasks themselves in an attempt to save on IT support costs, however with network and server consolidation becoming more complex, most clients admit they cannot dedicate the time required to manage their environment effectively and outsource either Server Management or both Server and Desktop Management and get back to managing their own businesses.

Prevention is better than cure and clients find the end result is a more reliable and streamlined IT environment. Find out more by allowing us to complete an independent IT cost savings analysis.

Server Management

Our Server Management services offers more value than others and includes remote server support, new users creation, group policy changes, configuration changes, service pack software updates and security patch management. Our fixed fee is typically designed to be an inclusive service for your entire IT Server needs and also includes priority onsite support, break-fix response and disaster recovery and extends to the installation of new software or services on the server platform. An extension of our proactive Health Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance services, this includes all the labour and ongoing support necessary to manage the server environment.

Desktop Management

Desktop Management includes remote support of desktop and laptop computers as well as onsite support for hardware failures. Also offered as a fixed monthly fee under our ULTIMATE CompleteCover service, Desktop Management feature includes comprehensive support of applications, hardware failures and installation issues.

Device management

Device Management extends to support of network and local devices as agreed. Ultimate IT will monitor and support these devices such as switches, routers printers etc. This includes remote and onsite support.

Standard Operating Environment (SOE)

Creating a Standard Operating Environment is a crucial component in reducing the complexity of IT environments and desktop support issues. Our managed services include the creation and maintenance of a standard operating environment to ensure the standardisation of operating systems, applications and utilities.

Recovery Strategies (Critical Backups, spare PC’s)

Ultimate IT Recovery Strategies offer a range of backup services to make sure system failures are restored according to client expectations. We implement a range of technologies suitable for servers, critical PC’s, applications and services that restore much quicker than traditional methods. Our strategies are more cost effective than traditional services and In the event of failure; we can perform system recoveries in minutes, not hours or days.

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

All managed services are backed by an industry leading SLA and guaranteed response times.

Auditing Reports

Detailed Auditing Reports are provided and available on software licenses, server health, network performance, hardware inventory and asset management as also document changes to the IT environment.

Monthly Report

Detailed Monthly Report provides an overview of the activity for the month and provides visibility of any support issues and response times.

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