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Is your Data Backed Up? Do you have an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan?


Recent studies show that most businesses that suffer data loss due to an insufficient Disaster Recovery Plan usually go out of business within 12 months. Do not become a statistic, protect your data today!

Ultimate Cloud Backup, Storage and Disaster Recovery Services provide a variety of real-time automated backup, data storage and cloud based disaster recovery strategies to ensure business continuity,

Unlike conventional backup services we include operating systems, business applications, user settings, drivers and data – giving our engineers the ability to provide your user’s access to completely downed servers within minutes, NOT hours or days.

Typical backup services available

   Full or incremental backups can be scheduled regularly or on demand   Incremental backups are conducted efficiently on reliable disk media, shortening the backup cycle dramatically.   Automatic discovery technology ensures that all systems on the network are reliably backed up, leaving no systems and no data unprotected.   Service works in the background without system downtime or business interruption.   Single file recovery, restoration of corrupt workstation and complete server restorations   Point-in-time imaging, allows restoration of any system to its latest state, including operating system, business applications, data and user settings.  Completely downed servers can be accessible to users within minutes, NOT hours or days, dramatically minimizing system and user downtime.

Services Available

   Online Backup Management  Off-site Storage facilities (cloud based)  Fast Restoration of Applications and Data  Complete Disaster Recovery Strategies  Long-term data archiving and storage

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