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Advancements in technology has paved the way for business grade Cloud Hosted Desktop Services, providing many companies with a high performance cost effective alternative to the traditional Local Area Network.

Some of the main benefits include:

  Reduced capital outlay (no need to purchase expensive servers)

  Much lower maintenance and support costs (less equipment required)

  Centralised business applications management

  Reduced desktop running cost (cost effective Thin Clients replace PCs)

  Reduced hardware failures (Thin Client not PCs, cloud-based server farms)

  Enhanced security and centralized management (best practice strategies)

  Increased performance, mobility, scalability and redundancy

  Completely Managed Server farms (monitored 24×7)

  Secure Remote Access from anywhere

  All information is managed and Backed-Up in multiple locations

  Ongoing user support


Many of our Hosted Desktop Services are available “a la carte”. We work closely with industry leaders and provide our clients with services that address specific requirements. Trust Ultimate IT to deliver effective and flexible services that meet your business requirements.

Contact us to see how our Hosted Desktop Services help grow and support boutique and mid-size businesses by relieving them of the hassle, cost, and resources required to purchase and maintain their own equipment. Rest assured, all our services are backed by our technical experts who are available to assist our clients as the need arises.

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