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Subscription Based Infrastructure and Software

Successful companies rely on Information Communications and Technology (ICT) to conduct business. With the right advice it’s relatively easy to determine the type and amount of technology required to meet today’s needs.

The challenge remains to accurately determine future requirements. Most IT Partners will advise you to cater for growth; whilst there is nothing wrong with being optimistic, how do they (or you) really know what your needs will be? And why pay top prices for future-proofed technology today when you don’t need it until tomorrow?

We cannot predict future requirements but we can provide a flexible and scalable solution that allows you to grow as you need it and most importantly, you only pay for what you need today.


Introducing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Ultimate Infrastructure as a Service is a flexible and scalable managed service that protects clients by providing best of breed solutions for their business without the capital expenditure usually required to implement these solutions. All core equipment provided under this service includes FREE monitoring, proactive maintenance and support.

IaaS delivers computing infrastructure as a dedicated in-house or “Cloud Computing” service, versus in-house capital investment. It integrates aspects of “Hardware as a Service” and “Software as a Service” models. Rather than purchasing servers, software licenses, network equipment and data centre space, clients instead hire required resources as an outsourced service.

This provides an affordable business grade multi-layered strategy; hosted in secure, industry certified Data Centre facilities with 24×7 onsite security monitoring, advanced power and link redundancy.

The result is an enterprise level Managed Service, scalable for any size business. Low monthly fees make it substantially cheaper than installing and maintaining a system internally. Our fixed cost includes ongoing support and maintenance leaving your team free to focus on your business.


Features and Benefits

Dynamic scaling – Benefit from the ability to increase or decrease several aspects of the network in near real time, as business needs fluctuate. For instance, a Software provider may require a small amount of server capacity or performance when initially installed, however substantially more capacity may be required as more functionality is included.

Usage-based pricing – Rather than purchasing infrastructure that may not be used for months, years or sometimes not at all, clients can utilise the exact amount of infrastructure they require today.

Realise substantial reduction in capital and personnel costs – By reducing or eliminating the amount of in-house infrastructure purchased and requiring support, clients keep capital resources to invest in their business rather than continuously purchasing ICT infrastructure.

Access to superior IT resources – Clients enjoy free access to enterprise-grade IT infrastructure and engineering resources that might otherwise be too expensive. With experienced professionals managing the state of the network, issues are identified and addressed early; problems are resolved efficiently with minimum disruption to business. For instance, implementing best-of-breed firewalls require regular management by certified networking engineers; this is a strain on any budget however an outsourced model makes it affordable.

Outstanding Performance Reliability – Clients experience unprecedented network performance and uptime. ULTIMATE IT SLA’s provide a solid foundation of reliability. Total team support, 24×7, ensures consistent timely response and rapid incident escalation.


Services Available

Software as a Service (SaaS) is whereby we deploy licenses of various software applications to clients for use under a service on demand model. Licences provided are completely managed under this service with no need to pay annual maintenance to ensure you are entitled to periodic upgrades. This model is flexible and cost effective as you only pay for the licences required each month.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is a procurement process similar to licensing, in which we deploy hardware devices to each client site or house equipment remotely. This model alleviates financial strain and further allows for easy update of equipment as required. This model also reduces maintenance costs as it includes free replacement of faulty equipment in the event of system failure.

Cloud Computing is broadly defined as any computing conducted beyond the firewall “in the cloud” (Internet Based), including conventional outsourcing. Under this model we typically deliver common business applications online which can be accessed remotely from any desktop or browser. The application and or data is securely hosted and stored within our data centres.

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