Managed Network Security

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Managed Network Security (AV, UTM, Firewall, Content, VPN,Remote Access)

Properly addressing network security involves deployment, management and maintenance of many specialised products. We typically recommend implementing these as a service, offering the flexibility to easily adapt to changing requirements.

Managed Network Security

Visibility is key. Most business managers are dedicated to performing daily business activities and typically don’t have the time or resources to monitor network activity nor the necessary capital required to invest in systems capable of adequately protecting their business. Many only become aware of flaws in their IT infrastructure once the damage is done.

Savvy operators understand constant network visibility is vital in ensuring business continuity.
IT security breaches will impact a business at every level. Few other issues can damage customer relations, disrupt supplier dealings, lower productivity, lead to total communication shut down and adversely affect company revenues.
Information threats facing small and larger businesses alike are too numerous to list, however market leaders agree that they multiply and become more sophisticated every day. Recent criminology reports confirm increased involvement of organised crime online. This verifies that businesses today face alarming consequences as new threats become money-motivated with information theft and extortion now a reality.

Restricting network services is no longer considered acceptable practice and the challenge remains to effectively manage the risk.
Ultimate provide a suite of Managed Security Services that integrate “Best of Breed” strategies developed to address and effectively manage common threats and security breaches.

Why a Managed Service?

Most companies don’t have the time or necessary capital to employ a team of adequately skilled resources committed to ensuring their systems are constantly protected. Using best of breed technology is only part of an effective strategy. Effective services must also be configured for often unique environments, regularly updated and constantly managed. Unless closely monitored any security strategy is virtually useless against the latest attacks.


We deliver enterprise level services, scalable for any size business. Our Managed Security Services deliver business grade, multi-layered service and support strategies, backed by 24×7 monitoring, hosted in highly certified Data Centre facilities with constant onsite security.


No Capital Outlay
Our low monthly subscription fee eliminates the need to purchase and maintain local systems and includes ongoing maintenance, upgrades and support.


Our ActiveShield Intrusion Protection System provides a multi-layered approach in analysing all network activity. While most companies use basic firewalls, we shield networks from unwanted network traffic and monitor Internet activity to prevent intruders and viruses from entering your organisation. We identify suspicious action and perform additional checks and balances that firewalls are simply not designed to do.
We also integrate Web Content Filtering to protect your team from accessing inappropriate Internet sites. We can also block or manage time spent on legitimate applications such as Facebook, MSN, and other social media sites. We implement and manage acceptable Internet usage policies tailored to our client requirements.
We provide secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) offering multi-layered access to network applications for remote office, mobile workers, business partners and nominated customers from almost anywhere.

Improve employee productivity, network security and link speed with services that deploy advanced patented technology to intelligently manage “legitimate email” and effectively minimise SPAM. Reduce distractions and offers that may temp your valuable employees.

Includes a fully managed business-grade Anti-Virus (AV) licence, automated AV signature updates and automated security patch management. Also includes Anti-Malware licence, asset device tracking and software licence management.

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