System Migration Projects

System Migration Projects (email, active directory, MS Exchange, Virtual Server, Terminal Services, VDI, Cloud)

System migration is a common way of reducing running costs. Projects such as Virtualisation can simplify IT and provide effective utilisation of storage and other network resources. Do MORE with LESS and reduce associated running costs.

Businesses require information flow and data to operate successfully. Business leaders rely on their systems to perform efficiently and to provide them with the information they need to make smart decisions and achieve competitive success.

Maintaining competitive advantage is a key aspect in winning new business and keeping existing clients happy. Making the most of Information Technology advancements assist many businesses in staying ahead of the curve in a competitive world.

This often involves migration of existing systems to new environments. It typically includes an information migration process where data is transported between computer systems, server infrastructure, software platforms, and storage devices and can often stretch to different physical locations. These are key considerations for any system implementation, upgrade or consolidation.

The more complex the environment, the more difficult the migration project will be. Should migration not be properly planned, there is a high risk of data corruption and information loss – resulting in unplanned outages and business disruption.

Ultimate IT Services has a professional services team who are experienced in managing many types of migration projects from start-to-finish. We have developed methods and strategies that ensure business processes, information and data are migrated in and efficient and timely manner.

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