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Not every company can afford 100% redundancy in their systems. Network equipment fails, data becomes corrupt, information is deleted and workflow stops. To resolve problems quickly you need access to a reliable support partner who understands your business, is familiar with your network and has the skills to restore things fast. Our proactive approach is aimed at eliminating network downtime by identifying concerns and resolving issues before problems arise.


Ultimate IT provides network health services to monitor core system functionality to ensure these systems, such as servers, internet, email and databases are functioning properly; we automatically repair common problems 24/7.

Preventative maintenance actively ensures key systems are functioning adequately. Using the simple analogy of servicing your car; you know that unless you fill it with fuel, replace the oil, change the brakes and do regular maintenance as required, it will fail and leave you stranded. When it does, it’s never a good time and always costs you more than it should to repair.

Preventative maintenance features include checking that system backups are being completed, security patch management and a team of engineers investigating “under the hood” of your core infrastructure to identify and address potential issues before they develop into system problems and business outages.

Ultimate IT Managed Services offer organisations fixed cost services providing invaluable network visibility ultimately increasing network reliability and performance. Monthly reports provided detail current status of the network, along with any observations and recommendations in a easy to understand format. Services are tailored to suit any business and are typically performed under ULTIMATE Care, ULTIMATE CoreCover and ULTIMATE CompleteCover agreements.


Features and Benefits

Proactive Server Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of system health consistently scan key components of the network including monitoring Servers for hardware issues, disk space, CPU and memory performance and event logs. Any errors generated are automatically escalated and reviewed by a team of analysts trained to proactively identify and resolve issues. With most servers generating many thousands of events everyday under normal conditions, it requires experienced resources to proactively identify real issues and quickly address critical issues.


Key Infrastructure Monitoring.

For Key Infrastructure such as Internet links, backup links, remote offices, remote access, routers and switches we provide visibility on the availability of these devices identifying problems and downtime. Often key infrastructure may not be used all the time or every day (such as remote access solutions) and problems are only reported once someone is denied access, resulting in lost productivity. Valuable resources are unable to work and technical resources are engaged to troubleshoot and resolve the problem. The ability to resolve these issues before they effect operations saves time and money.


Service Availability

Often systems link together in order to operate and a server may appear up while some services may have stalled, aborted and may not be functioning. Our Service Availability feature monitors key line of business services such as email, Internet, website, mail servers, print servers and databases to ensure that not only the servers are operational but the applications are available.


Security Patch Management

While Security Patch Management provides the latest fixes to problems, reduces risk of security exposure and ensures systems are running at optimal levels, many organisations fail to apply consistent patch management. This is typically due to the time, effort and associated risk of causing potential problems.  Our patch management systems ensure that patches are tested and approved across multiple systems before application; this reduces associated risks and ensures systems are properly updated and less likely to cause problems. Combined with an effective health monitoring strategy, this allows for faster remediation in the event that issues do occur.


Backup Management Services

Backup Management combined with an effective disaster recovery strategy is one of the most important preventative tasks organisations need to perform. It’s important to ensure backups are running correctly, contains all data, and that the systems utilised allow restoration times that will get the business back on track as quick as possible without days of downtime, lost information and lost productivity. Our Backup Management Services provide daily monitoring and management of backup routines to ensure backups are always current.


Preventative Maintenance Tasks

Regular maintenance ensures systems operate at optimal levels. Typically checks include anti-virus signature updates, server disk capacity and defragmentation, review of device and software licensing, investigate device and server logs and perform restarts if necessary. Checks are typically performed on servers, network devices, firewalls, switches, UPS and address system logs, security concerns, redundancy and recovery issues.


Fixed Low Cost Monthly Fee

In an effort to reduce IT expenditure some organisations reduce or remove preventative network maintenance and only perform work as systems fail. This is a false economy and often results in much higher repair costs and associated system downtime: -“would you rather check the oil in your car or repair / replace the motor?”
By fixing preventative maintenance costs to one set monthly fee, clients take an important step in controlling their IT expenditure and reducing overall IT costs. An effective preventative maintenance strategy will identify and prevent many issues from developing into problems, minimise unscheduled downtime, improve network reliability and office productivity.


Visibility and Reporting

Our detailed monthly report provides vital information and a graphical display of network status, activity and common problems encountered. It also includes a “non-technical” executive summary which interprets this extensive report and provides an overview along with any recommendations providing higher level managers with information necessary to assist them in tracking vital company assets and quantifying IT budgets. Reports can be tailored to provide required information on specific system hardware, software auditing, network performance and activity.

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