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Most businesses believe their information is “Backed Up” but have little confidence in performing a system restore if required. Why risk your business information? Our service can perform complete system restores in minutes, not hours or days. Ensure Business continuity!

Regular network security assessment provides an effective means to monitor the performance of an organization’s ongoing network security levels.

Strategic monitoring can be tailored watch for specific security incidents and trends, further investigating and identifying security concerns.

IT problems often impact a business at every level. Few other business components, if any, have the potential to disrupt order processes, reduce employee productivity, damage customer relations and ultimately result in lost revenue. Yet many managers have very limited visibility of their IT issues and associated risk until business operations are affected.
New IT threats facing large and small businesses alike are too numerous to list and technology experts agree that these threats become more sophisticated every day. Recent “Virtual Criminology” reports plotted the growing involvement of organised crime online.
It shows alarming consequences as threats become more money-motivated, and businesses are faced with the prospect of information and identity theft and even extortion. Removing or restricting network services is no longer acceptable business practice and the challenge remains to effectively manage the risk.

Regular review of business systems and network strategy delivers better business continuity. Proactive monitoring and management of IT infrastructure ensures most system issues are identified and typically resolved before they develop into problems, effectively reducing system downtime; any problems that may occur are resolved FAST!

Whether your business just wants to protect its own information and intellectual property or is part of an industry that must comply with specific legislation or strict data security standards such as Payment Card Industry (PCI), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a regular Network Security Assessment should be an essential component of every IT security strategy.

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