Remote Access Solutions

Simply provide secure access to any size network. Allow mobile workers, remote offices, business partners and customers multi-layered access to selected network applications and company information from anywhere.

ULTIMATE LinkSafe leads the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Virtual Private Network (VPN) market with a complete range remote-access services. Services have versatile and scalable features designed to meet the needs of different size companies. These range from smaller businesses that only need VPN access for remote and mobile employees to larger global deployments that must provide tiered remote and or extranet access for employees, partners and customers.


Features and Benefits

There are many business benefits in implementing a secure Remote Access Solution. These include: –

• Remote access to the network from anywhere
• Market-leading, single SSL VPN security platform for employee and partner remote access
• “Client-less” access to enterprise applications and network resources enabling you to send and receive email, use your company calendar, access documents and spreadsheets, create presentations, as though you were working from the office
• Best-in-class end-point security, granular access control, threat control and threat prevention
• Scalable services meet the remote and extranet access requirements of any sized company
• Highly available service with advanced redundancy

How it works

Virtual Office

With mobility and telecommuting becoming more popular, our hosted remote access and Virtual Office technologies allow remote collaboration and exchanging of information without the complexity of configuring complex IT setups.

A major benefit with this technology is it allows easy setup and removal of remote employees and workspace. Ideal for small office / home office scenarios. Provides the features of a complex enterprise with the simplicity and budget of a small business.

Site to Site VPN

Ultimate IT Service Site-to-Site VPN securely connects all your sites on the same network. You can safely share files, applications and resources among offices and users.
Connecting between sites is simple and straightforward, enabling fast and secure communication with flexible options. We cater for different bandwidth options including wireless 3G for satellite or temporary remote offices.

Email and Remote Device Mobility

Provide authorised staff members access to email and data whilst away from the office. Solutions range from basic mobile email delivery through to secure remote access to business applications. Learn more about Email & Remote Device Mobility.