Philips SpeechLive makes going from your voice to a written document quicker and more convenient than ever before. No matter where you are, whether in your office or on site, you can record your notes, task lists or documents, and send them to SpeechLive for immediate transcription. You can be productive on the go and have your recordings professionally transcribed, even if you do not have an in-house transcriptionist.

In just 3 easy steps;

Record your voice and manage your dictations1.0 Record your voice and manage your dictations

Record your ideas, tasks or full documents wherever you are by using your voice recorder or Philips dictation app. Send it to SpeechLive where your dictations are safely stored in the cloud and manage your dictation workflow from anywhere, without installing any additional software. You can determine which of your typists are to automatically receive which author’s recordings, or send recordings directly to the Philips transcription or speech recognition service.

2.0 Select your transcription option

If you have one or more assistants in your business, who transcribe for you, you can send the recording directly to them. Using the in-browser SpeechLive player they can transcribe your recordings from anywhere.

If you wish to quickly transcribe short recordings such as a list of tasks, an email or a quick meeting summary, this option is perfect for you. The Philips SpeechLive speech recognition service turns your voice into a text document almost immediately.

SpeechLive transcription service is your ideal solution, if you have more complex documents to transcribe. Industry-specific, professionally trained transcriptionists will type up your files in no time and help you out, in case you do not have an assistant or you need to manage peak times.

3.0 Receive the finished document

You will receive your recordings as text file to your email. Typing takes on average seven times longer than speaking. This is why recording and having your documents transcribed for you is the best way to save time and resources and focus on your core duties.




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